Men wanted for sex party

Hello! i am currently holding a party, but its not any party.. its a sex party!! There are 8 positions left for men to come and have a very exciting time! There will be plenty of pussy you can choose from and there will also be a wide slection of toys to choose from too 😛 Sex games will be hosted which you can choose to join in or not, the decision is yours! Sexy costumes allowed, and you are welcome to bring some of your own sex accessories if you wish! For further information about the party then message me, also message me if you are interested and would love an invite to the party! You’ll also have the chance to be invited to more sex parties hosted by other members at the party as well as myself.  Thankyou and cant wait to play! x x

Gender: Female
Username: Rosie
Age: 28
Marital Status: In relationship
Turn ons: , ,
Best features: Come find out x
Looking for: Men and lots of them
Target age: Anyone over 25

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