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A relationship is never meant to be work, it should come natural and when it isn’t something is wrong. It’s how we figured out ours wasn’t going to plan, both in the bedroom and just in life our couple’s relationship was fizzling out fast. How could we bring some spice back in? After doing loads of research, we came to the conclusion that we needed to bring same room couples into our lives. It was a little daunting at first, however with very little work things got back on track and so did our kinky sex! This could work for you as well, even if you don’t want to admit it, every guy thinks about being with a different pussy. So why not give them that fantasy and have some fun while doing it. People tend to think this might ruin their couples relationship, but chances are the guy is going to cheat on them at some point, why not le t them do it while you’re enjoying it as well.You can’t miss out on trying out same room couples sex, how about you send me a discreet message and I’ll show you how everything works.

Jade is from Creswell, Derbyshire.
Gender: Female
Username: Jade
Age: Late 30's
Marital Status: In relationship
Turn ons: , ,
Best features: Come and find out
Looking for: Couples & swingers for regular meets
Target age: 30 - 50

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